Dewansh Rawat

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Hola Amigo

My name is Dewansh Rawat.

I'm a tech enthusiast, a frontend designer and a backend developer to be specific. I love working on new exciting projects.

I am currently working on ML related applications. Interested in working together? Just drop me a line.

My Projects

From designing websites to developing webapps, from writing programs in C++ to writing scripts in Python, I do everything. This portfolio is a small insight into what I do.


Last Of Us

Last Of Us is a landing page for the game. I made this page for the preliminary rounds of a competition.


Photographer is a portfolio for a photographer. This is one of my earliest works. Took me around 2 hours


I was tasked with designing the web page of Entrepreneurship Cell of our college. The website attracted 10,000+ views in less than 3 days


Mailing Script

I was tasked to send around 1200+ personalised invitation emails in a day. To make my work easier, I wrote the Mailing Script which automatically triggers emails feeding itself data from a csv file. It has an efficiency of 1 email/second!

MIT Video Downloader

I wanted to download the videos from MIT OCW website. But downloading each of them manually was tedious. So I wrote this script which once triggered automatically starts downloading the videos from the course page which contains those lecture videos

Web Apps


The blog app was made when I participated in Google Code In 2017. I contributed to DjangoGirls.


Have a dab photo but don't have a caption? Taption generates a suitable caption for the uploaded image.


A webOS made on Django. Apps like reminders, memos, browsers, gallery have been integrated. Still under development.

Contact Me

Feel like we can create something schwag worthy? Just hit me up on any of your favorite communications platform.

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